Grand Theft Motorcar Five

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Up until now, most of what we've seen of Grand Theft Auto V has been about the floor together with the trio of novel characters that dwell within. With its latest trailer, Rockstar has in conclusion provided a improve await at how the upcoming blockbuster volition truly play. The nearly five-minute-long video provides a skillful await at the fictional metropolis of Los Santos, which looks to guide keep a squeamish total of variety, alongside everything from urban locations together with beaches to what Rockstar describes every bit "untouched wilderness."
The video besides details how having 3 primary characters volition influence the construction of the game, together with shows off some of the many diversions you'll move able to partake inward when you're non pulling off heists, including, golf, hunting, and, um, yoga. You tin forcefulness out fifty-fifty invest inward the stock marketplace together with existent estate. Perhaps most interesting is the ever-so-brief glimpse at multiplayer towards the terminate of the trailer, which shows players flight jets. We should move hearing to a greater extent than on GTA V's online multiplayer soon.

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