Active Sectionalization Recovery Corporation 9.0.4 [Restore Deleted Partition]

Active @ Partition Recovery is a powerful software, designed to restore accidentally deleted partitions. Active @ Partition Recovery tin restore whatsoever deleted partitioning or logical travail (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5). If a master copy tape of starting together with backup of the partitioning information is available inward a floppy drive, together with therefore using Active @ Partition Recovery tin recover together with restore Master Boot Records

Active @ Partition Recovery fundamental features:
• Recover deleted partitions (FAT together with NTFS)
• Restore deleted FAT together with NTFS logical drives
• Create Drive Image - for backup purposes
• Analyze difficult disks together with abide by deleted FAT together with NTFS partitions and/or drives
• Files together with folders inward Vista prior deleted partitioning or drive, to think the appropriate data
• Backup of MBR (Master Boot Record), partition, kick sectors table
• Restore MBR, tabular array partitioning together with backup if damaged kick sectors

In add-on you lot tin also:
• Recover partitions (primary together with extended)
• Create together with restore the disk ikon raw dorsum inward the difficult disk
• Store this plan on a floppy disk's kick due to its pocket-size size
• Display consummate physical together with logical travail information
• Use alongside ease: controlled yesteryear the arrow keys, ENTER, ESC key

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