Temple Piece Of Job For Windows Holler Upward Eight Updated To Windows Mobiles Amongst 512Mb Ram

Popular "endless running" game, Temple Run, which debuted on Windows Phone 8 before this year, has directly been updated to back upwardly phones alongside 512MB RAM.

While there's no official alter log on the game's listing page on the Windows Phone store, the game's developer, Imangi Studios, talked most the update through its Twitter handle.

Temple Run for Windows Phone was criticised for its hardware in addition to software requirements, namely, 1GB RAM in addition to Windows Phone 8, which meant that the game could live on played entirely on a handful of phones - HTC 8X in addition to Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920 in addition to Lumia 925 - could play the game. Users running an older version of Windows Phone, or having lesser RAM on their band were left high in addition to dry.

While the game is nonetheless express to Windows Phone 8, the developer of the game, Imangi Studios, has directly optimised it to operate on phones alongside 512MB RAM. Following the move, a large publish of users would live on able to play the game equally Nokia's late launched entry in addition to mid marker Windows Phone 8 handsets such equally the Lumia 520, Lumia 620 in addition to Lumia 720 come upwardly alongside 512MB of RAM. The HTC 8S mid-range Windows Phone 8 smartphone likewise comes alongside 512MB of RAM.

However, at the fourth dimension of writing this post, nosotros were non able to uncovering the game on the Windows Phone Store piece using the Nokia Lumia 520. We likewise tried opening a link to the Store via Internet Explorer in addition to encountered the same "This app uses features your band doesn't have" fault that nosotros used to overstep earlier. Perhaps this could live on due to the update non existence rolled out to the Indian shop at the fourth dimension of writing this post.

The launch of master copy Temple Run on Windows Phone 8 arrived later Imangi Studios released multiple successors to the game on diverse platforms. Biggest success on those has been Temple Run 2, that became the fastest growing mobile game of all times, when it clocked over l 1000000 downloads inwards only xiii days. We'd await forwards to the developer porting other versions of the game to the Windows Phone platforms.

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