Jaguar C-X75 Epitome Video Released Amongst Around Specilizations

Jaguar has released a novel video alongside the C-X75 hybrid supercar which never made it every bit a production model.

Jaguar C-X75

Being described every bit a “state-of-the-art hybrid supercar alongside the efficiency of a low-emissions urban center car”, the C-X75 was revealed inwards September 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. It tops out at 354kmph in addition to has CO2 emissions of less than 89 g/km. It completes a 0-100 inwards nigh 2.8 seconds owing to a 7-speed automated manual gearbox that switches gears inwards less than 200ms.

The kernel of the C-X75 is an F1-inspired 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged in addition to supercharged engine that churns out a massive 502PS at 10,000rpm. H5N1 rev hit of 10,000rpm is similar creating a gravity plain of its own. The engine plant inwards tandem alongside 2 electrical motors which render a combined 390PS for a jaw-dropping amount output of to a greater extent than than 850PS in addition to 1,000Nm of torque. Both the electrical motors are 150kW motors.

It tin sack business office on electrical ability lonely in addition to too render a zero-emission maximum hit of threescore km. It creates to a greater extent than than 200kg of downforce at 322kmph thank you lot to the deploy-able aerofoil in addition to underfloor aerodynamics.

“The C-X75 programme represents the pinnacle of Jaguar’s technology scientific discipline in addition to pattern expertise. It is arguably the world’s fastest test-bed for the world’s most advanced technologies, combining every bit it does a remarkable hybrid powertrain alongside awe-inspiring performance. Jaguar is ever looking to shape the cars of tomorrow in addition to alongside projects similar C-X75 nosotros are laying the foundations for the side yesteryear side generation of Jaguar innovations,” said Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director of Jaguar.

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