Intel Haswell-Powered, Slimmer 13-Inch Macbook Pro Alongside Full-Hd Photographic Telly Camera Coming At Wwdc: Analyst

It's that fourth dimension of the twelvemonth again. Apple's annual developers' conference, WWDC starts inwards a calendar week as well as nosotros convey Apple analysts already reading tea leaves.
Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities has predicted that he expects to come across a refreshed Retina MacBook Pro as well as MacBook Air line-up at the WWDC Keynote on June 10th. While it's already being speculated that we'll come across MacBooks powered past times Intel's novel Haswell processor, the analyst mentions that a novel MacBook powered past times the novel fight volition hold upwards inwards the spotlight.
Kuo equally good predicts that the Retina MacBook Pro's 13-inch version volition sport a slimmer shape element making it to a greater extent than portable. It volition equally good convey an upgraded photographic boob tube camera capable of capturing 1080p video inwards social club to amend Facetime as well as video conference quality. If the prediction turns out to hold upwards true, it would imply that Apple would hold upwards refereshing the shape element of the Retina MacBook Pro inwards simply a year's time.
Meanwhile, Kuo has equally good predicted that the MacBook Air volition characteristic dual built-in microphones to deliver clear vocalism character on Facetime as well as VoIP service. The Retina MacBook Pro already features this setup as well as Kuo says that Apple's received positive feedback for the same.
The analyst expects that Apple volition pose the non-Retina MacBook Pros inwards the background, though they volition expire on to hold upwards sold amongst Intel Ivy Bridge processors as well as configuration like to the electrical current business upwards that includes optical campaign slots as well as high-capacity difficult drives.
With Apple moving to solid-state drives amongst its sparse portables, Kuo estimates that the percent of MacBooks amongst SSD volition ascent from 45 percent inwards 2012 to 64 percent inwards 2013, much ahead of the industry's 15-20 percent average.
The analyst equally good expects a slowdown inwards Mac shipments on the lines of the global PC shipments. He expects Apple to shipping 12 1000000 units, downward 1.6 1000000 from 2012's sales figure of 13.6 million.

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