New Gaming T.V Yesteryear Benq's Launches Xl2411t 3D-Ready Led Gaming Monitor For Rs. 22,500

BenQ has launched the XL2411T 3D-ready gaming monitor that targets users who play first-person shooting games for Rs.22,500.

The 24-inch gaming monitor features a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It equally good claims to back upwards 120Hz for NVIDIA's 3D Vision two technology to cut lag. The fellowship claims that the monitor's fast 1ms (milliseconds) GtG (grey-to-grey) reply fourth dimension enhances gaming sense with smoothly rendered fast-moving activity in addition to dramatic transitions without the effects of smearing or ghosting.

It offers a 1000:1 native contrast ratio, in addition to 170/160 viewing angle capability. The monitor equally good comes amongst Black eQualizer coloring cloth technology to aid ameliorate moving-picture demo item inwards nighttime image. BenQ claims the Black eQualizer offers truer blacks for an "unprecedented score of command in addition to visibility".

It features a D-sub (VGA) port, a DVI-DL(dual-link) port, an HDMI port in addition to a headphone jack connector.

The monitor equally good offers settings for Display Mode in addition to Smart Scaling allowing gamers to interchange betwixt monitor hide sizes from 17-inch (4:3), 19-inch (4:3), 19-inch broad (16:10), 21.5-inch broad (16:9), 22-inch broad (16:10), 23-inch broad (16:9) to 24-inch broad (16:9).

The fellowship had before launched the 24-inch 3D-enabled BenQ XL2420TX, its flagship gaming monitor targeted at professionals in addition to gamers. The BenQ XL2420TX is capable of displaying full-HD 3D content in addition to comes amongst bundled 3D glasses. It is HDMI 1.4a compatible, which agency it offers features similar 3D, Ethernet channel, in addition to Audio homecoming channel over the HDMI interface in addition to supports refresh rates upwards to 120Hz.

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