Dev Alpha B Together With C Together With Blackberry Z10 Developer Releases For Blackberry 10.1 Version

To tide developers over until the much awaited BlackBerry Q10 release, you’ll hold upwardly seeing a novel SDK OS update for your BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices. This 10.1C SDK OS is a developer preview that allows yous to cheque out how your apps volition piece of job on the soon-to-be-released Q10 device.
What well-nigh Dev Alpha B devices?
There is an update for that too! With this unloose you’ll hold upwardly able to cheque out how your Z10 apps volition piece of job on the 10.1 OS, together with brand all the necessary changes, if needed.
Have yous already submitted your awesome app together with received your LE BlackBerry 10 device? Or convey yous already picked upwardly your ain BlackBerry Z10?
We for sure desire to run into to a greater extent than of your smashing app ideas come upwardly to life, so you'll also hold upwardly seeing a 10.1C SDK OS update for these devices every bit well.
Will the simulators hold upwardly getting an update too?
Yes! There volition hold upwardly a 10.1C SDK OS construct for the BlackBerry 10 simulator, together with therefore whether yous exam on a device or a simulator, know that you’ll hold upwardly able to exam on the most recent construct available. You won’t run into ii unlike simulators available exactly yous volition decease i simulator alongside the option to kick to a Z10 or Q10 resolution.
Let’s recap the updates that you'll be seeing:
  • Dev Alpha C device
  • Dev Alpha B device
  • BlackBerry Z10 devices
  • Simulator for Z10 together with Q10

So how tin sack yous decease these updates for your device?
The 10.1C SDK OS volition hold upwardly available for each device through its ain autoloader – you’ll run into i each for the Dev Alpha C together with the Dev Alpha B.

For developers who desire to exam it on their BlackBerry Z10, you’ll bespeak to uncovering out your device model publish together with catch the corresponding autoloader. The device model tin sack hold upwardly works life nether Settings> About. 

You may endeavour to charge the latest Dev Alpha B update onto your Dev Alpha A, soundless the The Dev Alpha H5N1 is no longer officially supported every bit of

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